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What the mortgage industry is not telling consumers

Time and time again, I’ve seen how homeownership education can change someone’s life.

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What the mortgage industry can learn from Spring

Spring is a time of renewal. We’ve made it through another winter, and now we plant new seeds that will bloom throughout the rest of the year. Spring also reminds us that everything is cyclical. No matter how bad winter gets, there is always the promise of Spring, which brings us hope, rebirth and fertile ground.

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A Program We Can All Get Behind

Our mission at HomeFree-USA is to help as many Americans as possible realize the American Dream of homeownership. Yet for many African-American homebuyers, that dream may seem to be out of reach.

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The ‘fake news’ keeping Americans from owning homes

The key fact that renters have all wrong

When it comes to homeownership, knowledge is key. That’s why I was so disturbed by a recent study that showed just how misinformed many potential homebuyers are.


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The borrower the mortgage industry too often overlooks

It’s human nature to prefer things to be as easy as possible. So it makes sense that many of us in the mortgage industry want to focus our attention on those borrowers who are already mortgage-ready.  We know they will easily qualify for a loan and the homebuying process is more likely to go smoothly, providing an easier experience for all of us.

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