Simone's Blog: Money Magnet

As the Director of Affiliate Relations at HomeFree-USA, I’ve always been fascinated with how people handle their money. Like everyone else, I’ve had my financial ups and downs. In fact, it took me 32 months to pay off $32,000 in credit card bills and build up a six-month emergency fund. While that was a very difficult period, I am grateful – and wiser -- for the experience.

Through my personal experiences and working at HomeFree-USA, I’ve gained a ton of insight that I feel compelled to share. You’ll find those lessons here. Feel free to take the thoughts and ideas that resonate with you most and put aside the rest for later. I look forward to sharing my journey.

I can afford it, so why wasn't I shown that house?


Even though the laws are heavily enforced, housing discrimination is not only alive and well, but it's now far broader and more nuanced. Has it ever happened to you?

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When you're trying to pay down debt and just... can't


Here's the truth: most of us want to do better by our money, know what to do (save more, pay off debt, invest in a 401k, etc.), how to do it (spend less, cut up the credit cards, etc.) and even why it's important (freedom, a better life, the ability to retire early). The problem is, we can't seem to make it happen!

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The gym is for suckers


When I moved back to DC 5 years ago I got caught up in the hot yoga craze. As much as I, and especially my skin, loved it, I ultimately had to give it up because it cost too much.

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I need a new car but don’t have any money! What do I do?


This is a common problem, and something you can easily overcome. Let’s start with what you absolutely should NOT do:

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How to find a "gem" of a home


All homebuyers are looking for a great deal, but when you live in a high cost market it can be especially tough to find. Fortunately, HomeFree-USA is here for you.

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