Reaching Millions 2020 Reasons

7  Reasons to NOT join the  HomeFree USA Virtual Reaching Millions Leadership Conference on November 18th at 1 pm


  1. You’re perfectly content with your business and have no desire to grow or change any aspects

  2. You’re fully content with how you’re approaching life and work, and have no desire to make things simpler

  3. You’re not interested in learning from peers and industry executives

  4. You don’t need at least 30 minutes to sit back and enjoy the music of Jeffery Osborne

  5. Regardless of how technology evolves, you’re sticking with face-to-face meetings and paper filled offices

  6. You have too much time, lots of money and a good sense of what 2021 will bring

  7. You have to wash your hair that day

Reaching Millions attendees are busy people looking to make a big impact in the financial lives of their community and in their business. Together, our goal is to reach more and do more within the structure of a changing landscape, WITHOUT adding more work to your already overloaded plate.

The HomeFree-USA 2020 Reaching Millions Leadership Conference will give you insight on what thought leaders and industry executives are doing to grow their business, reduce the racial wealth divide, and eye-opening messages on how  to prepare for 2021 and beyond.

The few hours spent with us will only enhance your strategy and increase your impact. 

We look forward to having you. Register Now!