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3 simple out of the box secrets to financial success

Budgeting and saving are key to managing your finances, but if you want to achieve true financial success, sprinkle in these three life strategies and watch your financial life bloom.

Unplug regularly. How often are you texting, emailing or logging onto Facebook? If you can’t go ten minutes without pulling out your smartphone, you need to slow it down.  One of the biggest things that can block us from our success is having too many distractions. When we’re distracted, we’re less likely to spend our money consciously and we may even forget to pay our bills on time.  By taking the time to be still, be quiet and listen to our thoughts, we can begin to focus on what’s at hand, including our finances. 

Keep a journal.  How well do you know yourself? Do you know what your biggest priorities are or are you familiar with your fears? A journal can help you to discover the answers to the big questions in life.  How can this help with your finances? If you know your biggest dream is to start a business, you’ll know that you need a plan to start saving for it. Likewise, if you recognize through journaling that you always overspend when you have a bad day at work, you can avoid the mall on a bad day or perhaps start looking for a new job. Once you know what makes you tick, you’ll have a better understanding of your financial behavior.

Simplify. So many people think of budgeting as a horrible experience in which they’re depriving themselves of something. But have you asked yourself whether the things that you’re spending money on really add value to your life? Sometimes we spend so much money that we have to work harder in order to keep up with our spending habits. For example, we might have a designer wardrobe but need to work two jobs to get it. If working harder isn’t something you mind doing, then fine, but if adjusting your spending would make your life easier, less stressful and more rewarding, isn’t that the best gift you can give yourself?

Financial skills will take you a long way, but by adding some life strategies to the mix, you’ll be equipped to go further than you ever imagined.