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4 Questions You Must Ask to Achieve Your Goals

I have never met someone who didn’t want to achieve more. Our professional success depends on it. Yet we sometimes may think we need a roadmap to figure out how to reach our most elusive goals.

The truth of the matter is we all have an inner roadmap that knows exactly what to do. However, sometimes we must take some time to look inside of ourselves to discover it. Read on to find four questions that you must ask yourself to determine whether you are on the right path, and if not, which direction you need to go.

If you are ready to achieve more in your professional life, these four questions can help you determine whether you are on the right path. If you’re not, they will help reveal which direction you need to go.

Question 1: How would you define success?

We all define success differently. For one person, success might mean landing five new clients a week; for another, success might mean getting buy-in for a new program or initiative. Until you know what specific goals you want to achieve, you can’t determine whether you are moving in the right direction.

Question 2: What actions are you currently taking that are contributing to your goals?

Once you know the end game you seek, it’s time to evaluate where you are in relation to your goals. In order to achieve anything in life, we must take action. However, so often, we take actions that have no bearing on where we are ultimately trying to go. Consider the actions you are taking in your professional life each week. Which actions are you currently taking that are moving you toward your goals? Can you find more time to spend on those actions each week?

Question 3: What actions or non-actions are you currently taking that are blocking you from your goals?

Sometimes we sabotage our efforts by wasting time. We may be spending hours on a project that doesn’t contribute to our business’s success, or we may be continuing to do things a certain way just because we’ve always done them that way. On the flip side, there could be non-actions that are keeping us from our goals. For example, we may know that our career would benefit from taking a public-speaking class yet we may still fail to act. Consider what actions and non-actions are blocking your success. Spend less time (or stop) doing the things that aren’t moving you forward. Start doing the things that will push you in the direction you want to go.

Question 4: What more do you need to know to reach your goals?
Knowledge and education are key to achieving success. No matter what you are trying to achieve there is something that you can learn that can help you do it faster and better. Are there books you can read about the subject? Is there a person who has achieved what you want to achieve who you can talk to? Determine what more you need to know to achieve your goals and identify a resource that can teach you.

Success requires focus, determination and persistence. Once you zero in on what you most want to do and how to do it, you are well on your way.