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4 reasons leaders fail

Ever wonder why some leaders fail? It has nothing to do with luck, but rather a misunderstanding of where true power lies. We all have the ability to become a better leader and achieve greater results. Just start off by avoiding these four mistakes.

The ego gets the best of them. There is a difference between confidence and ego. Confidence is feeling good about your skills and your ability to accomplish your goals. Ego is thinking you know everything there is to know and you can do no wrong. Life is a series of lessons and we’re always learning how to do better and to be better. Approach every day with a fresh sense of wonder and always look for ways to improve.

They stop educating themselves. At HomeFree-USA, we see every day how financial education can transform the lives of homebuyers and homeowners. Education is crucial for all of us to improve and achieve more in our professional and personal lives. Whether you take a class, attend a workshop or read biographies about people who have achieved what you want to achieve, you should always be looking for ways to build upon what you already know.

They try to do too much. Being able to delegate is key to being a successful leader. No one has the time, energy or knowledge to address every challenge. If you don’t trust those who are working with you, that says more about your inability to lead than it does about the skillset of those around you. The best leaders surround themselves with people who are great at what they do and they empower those people to work their magic. By elevating those around you, you get the best out of your team, which is the goal of leadership in the first place.

They don’t adapt to change. Anyone who has been a part of the homebuying industry in the last 10 years knows how quickly things can change. Leaders must be prepared to meet change with courage. Just because something worked in the past doesn’t mean it is guaranteed to work moving forward. Leaders must also adapt their skills to new trends and business practices. The best way to handle change is to approach life with a clean slate and be willing to go where you haven’t gone before.

Leadership is one of the key ingredients to success. By cultivating the leader in you, you not only achieve more, but you make a greater impact – and greater impression -- in the world.