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4 tips for building your personal brand

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or you’re climbing the corporate ladder, it’s important to know how others see you. Do they consider you to be a trustworthy and hardworking person or do they consider you to be flaky and undependable? Your personal brand goes a long way in determining whether people want to work with you, buy from you or align themselves with you.

Here’s how to make sure your personal brand is working in your favor.

Develop a code. In work and in life, we all need a code, whether it be a code of conduct, a code to live by or a code of business practices that we follow. This code reflects our purpose and our priorities. Once we know what we stand for, we can more easily determine which actions in life we will take and which ones we’ll stay away from. 

Know your strengths. Your personal brand should highlight those things that you do best. If you are a great public speaker, look for speaking opportunities and ways to build your reputation in that arena. If you are a great writer, find ways to emphasize that skill and showcase it. You want people to associate you with the skills that you do best.

Be consistent. One of the best ways to destroy your personal brand is to be inconsistent. If people see you responding to a situation one way one day and another way the next day, they’ll have no idea who you are or what to expect from you. As a result, they may prefer to work with someone who is more predictable.

Learn social media. If you are ignoring social media platforms, you may be missing out on an opportunity to connect with people you wouldn’t have otherwise met. However, keep your personal brand in mind. Instead of simply posting what you ate for dinner last night, think about your code and your strengths and make sure your posts reflect what you stand for just as your words would in a face-to-face situation.

When you create an effective personal brand, people associate skills and services with you. Not only will this help you excel in any professional endeavor, but it gives you an opportunity to showcase the unique aspects of your personality. And that’s a recipe for personal and professional success.