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4 ways to build a winning team

No matter how successful you are in life, you cannot build an empire without a winning team. Not only does a team allow multiple people to divide the work, but it leverages the skills and talents of everyone involved.

If you’re ready to take your professional game to the next level, you need to build the right team. Here are some tips for making sure it’s a winning one.

Understand the goal. Teams exist to achieve a certain goal. A sports team’s goal is to win a championship. A sales team’s goal is to sell the company’s products. Make sure you have a clear understanding of why your team is coming together and what the team is working to do. Then communicate that vision to other team members to make sure everyone has the same end goal in mind.

Weed out the non-players. There are some people who will never be team players. They are more concerned about what they can get out of a situation than doing whatever it takes to make something really work. Wondering how to identify non-players?  Look for those who complain a lot, never contribute ideas and aren’t willing to compromise. If you can’t avoid them, find creative ways to work around them.

Put ego aside. A successful team is one in which the group comes before the individual. That doesn’t mean that some team members won’t stand out or make phenomenal contributions.  It just means that each member of the team is driven to work for the desired outcome rather than his or her own personal glory.

Look for the win-win. Not only do team members work to achieve a common goal, but they look for ways to make other members of the team shine. Everyone has a willingness to compromise and they embrace opportunities that will benefit all who are involved.

With a winning team, there are no winners and losers. In fact, everyone comes out ahead.