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Building a better Baltimore together

There’s no doubt the city of Baltimore has been dealt a tough series of blows. We’ve all seen the headlines about the police trials surrounding the death of Freddie Gray, and we witnessed the riots that broke out last April. But Baltimore is a great city and there is good reason to be optimistic about its future. Not only that, but we as an industry have an incredible opportunity to be a part of its revitalization.

HomeFree-USA recently launched our Office of Homeownership Development, designed to make homeownership a more attainable dream for many Baltimore residents. We held the first of a series of classes for homebuyers in early September. Classes will continue to be offered several times each month, and counselors will help residents improve their credit and learn the financial habits that will equip them to be homeowners for life.   

While we are excited about the work that we are doing in Baltimore, we can’t do it alone.

  • We want to build partnerships with others in the mortgage industry to give more residents the financial education they need to be successful homeowners.
  • We want to work with other local foundations and non-profits to raise awareness about the value of financial education and homeownership.
  • We want to connect with corporations who value their employees and would like to help them to become more financially fit.

As an industry, we have the ability to connect not only with those who currently live in Baltimore, but we can service the many people in surrounding counties who work in Baltimore and would like to be able to live closer to their jobs while being a part of the revitalization of a major city.

The work being conducted through the Office of Homeownership Development is part of HomeFree-USA’s Move Up in Maryland campaign, a program intended to reinvigorate West Baltimore by reclaiming neighborhoods that have been ravaged by vacant properties.  Move Up in Maryland’s mission is to enhance families financially, provide employment opportunities, and expand homeownership opportunities through the reuse of vacant, abandoned, and foreclosed properties.

We understand that when residents have a financial stake in their community, they take pride in their surroundings and contribute to their neighborhood’s future because that future is intertwined with their own futures.

We feel that Baltimore is on the rise, and we can all contribute to its resurgence. By collaborating and partnering together we can really build a better Baltimore, one homebuyer at a time.