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Giving homebuyers and homeowners a voice

It’s no secret that homeownership is one of the greatest ways for Americans to build wealth. But I’m going to be truthful with you. Today’s homebuyers face very real challenges that can keep many consumers renting forever.

Among them are the rising fees associated with getting a mortgage and the tightening of credit among lenders, making it more difficult for some consumers to qualify for a mortgage. The rate of homeownership is at its lowest in two decades, and consumers need someone to advocate on their behalf. That’s why I’m so excited about an organization called America’s Homeowner Alliance.

The organization’s mission is to protect and promote sustainable homeownership for all segments of America. And let’s face it, a strong home buying market is great for the entire industry. One way the Alliance will work for consumers is by representing the interests of homebuyers and homeowners before Congress.   

According to Phil Bracken, the chairman and founder of the Alliance, “it's very, very, difficult --especially for people of color and low and moderate income people -- to get a mortgage.  We need the voice of the people to change this, not the business people like the realtors or home builders. We need the voice of the individual consumer homeowner.”

But America’s Homeowner Alliance can’t do it alone. They need our help. “We need 10 million or 20 million people to sign up for this Alliance so that we could have the voice to move public policy in the direction of the consumer of America,” Bracken says. “That's not going to happen unless we rally behind it as a crusade.”

So America’s Homeowner Alliance is asking every homeowner and every person who is even thinking about buying a home one day to sign up. Even if you’re renting today, the issues that the Alliance is fighting for will impact your ability to buy a house tomorrow. 

Another benefit to joining the Alliance is you gain access to a network of hundreds of merchants where members will be able to receive cash back and buy products at a discount. Through this network, “we can use the purchasing power of the members of our Alliance to get discounts they could never get on their own,” Bracken says.