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Helping Baltimore rebuild from the ashes

When riots broke out in Baltimore last April, Charm City’s future looked grim.

To the world, Baltimore appeared to be a broken city. Many questioned the city’s leadership and its ability to protect its residents. Others wondered what the riots would do to the real estate market. Still others wondered when and if the city would be able to recover.

Not only do I believe that Baltimore will recover, but HomeFree-USA is ready to help make that happen. On November 5, we launch Move Up in Maryland, a dynamic new homeownership program that will revitalize West Baltimore neighborhoods and create a brighter future for the city’s residents.

One of the lessons made evident last April was how damaging hopelessness can be. When people feel like they don’t have a stake in their communities, they don’t take pride in their surroundings. They aren’t invested in the future. Ask yourself, who wouldn’t feel hopeless when living in the midst of block after block of boarded up row houses and abandoned properties? HomeFree-USA intends to change that.

Baltimore is a beautiful city with a rich history. While tourists trek to the Inner Harbor and Camden Yards, Baltimore’s varied neighborhoods represent the heart and soul of Maryland’s largest city. Those neighborhoods suffered the greatest blow in April, and we are excited about helping to bring those neighborhoods back.

With Move Up in Maryland, we will reposition families financially and expand homeownership opportunities through the reuse of vacant, abandoned and foreclosed properties.

HomeFree-USA also intends to reinvigorate Baltimore’s job market. Earlier this year, a program called The Road Home was created to introduce young adults in the community to the home construction, finance and sales fields of the real estate industry. We give them training and employment opportunities so they can improve their own economic standing while rebuilding their city.

This isn’t our first foray into Baltimore. HomeFree-USA has already rehabbed 17 houses and sold them affordably within 30 days to low-to-moderate income first-time homebuyers. We hope to repeat that success so more Baltimoreans can join the 7,000-plus first-time homebuyers that HomeFree-USA has put into homes throughout the years.

Homeownership gives people a sense of pride, as well as hope for a better future.

Not only will homeownership help Baltimore (and any city) to recover, but HomeFree-USA is here to ensure that Baltimore’s best days are ahead!

Join us for our grand opening November 5 from 3 pm to 7 pm at:
788 Washington Blvd. (Pigtown)
Baltimore, MD 21230