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What to do when a financial crisis strikes

I have never been one to mince words, so I’m going to give it to you straight: You will have a financial crisis.


Whether it’s a job loss, a divorce, an unexpected death in the family, a medical crisis, college costs or something else entirely, you WILL find yourself at some point wondering how you’re going to dig yourself out of a financial hole. And it will probably be sooner than later.
But the good news is you can save yourself from your future financial crisis today.

The key to success is information, and there is a free resource that can tell you how to deal with a financial crisis and turn your situation around.
Surviving Tough Economic Times is a free online course offered by HomeFree-USA. In this course you’ll learn:-How to deal with job loss (Did you know that you should expect that it will take one month of job searching for each $10,000 of annual income you’re trying to replace?)

  • How to get your credit card bills lowered in an emergency (There is a way to get creditors to lower your payment.)
  • How much you need to cut back today to have an extra $20,000 in 10 years (It’s not as much as you think.)
  • How to find programs that will reduce your mortgage payment and lower your interest rate whether you’re behind on your mortgage or not (You could be paying hundreds of dollars less.)

Even if you’re not currently in financial straits, this course can save you some money. For example, it includes a worksheet to help you determine your transportation costs – and cut them down.

You can probably be paying less for insurance – this course will show you how.

And if you’ve been noticing that your grocery and utility bills have been steadily creeping up, you don’t have to simply accept those higher costs. There are steps you can take today – without depriving yourself – to pay less on the everyday items you need and keep more money in your pocket.
How much would you pay someone to take all of your financial anxiety away and give you a plan that will lead to less stress and more financial freedom? I’d like to do that for you because I believe in your ability to create a more rewarding financial future.

And this time the bill is on me.

To your success,