HUD Celebrates Marcia for Women's History Month

Women’s History Month recognizes the achievements of women in America and their struggles for freedom, equality and justice. Marcia was one of many women celebrated in the March edition of ‘The Bridge,’ the Office of Housing Counseling Newsletter.

“Information alone, will not transform one's financial life. Instead, the families we serve need inspiration and motivation to move forward,” says Marcia Griffin, Founder and President of HomeFree-USA. Griffin should know. In 1995, she founded HomeFree-USA with all of her savings, her husband's support and a "passion for expanding homeownership opportunities in America." By knowing how to touch the hearts and minds of homebuying families and partners, Griffin has grown HomeFree-USA from a small one room space to offices in Washington, DC; Hyattsville, Maryland; Atlanta, Georgia and Boynton Beach, Florida. With a flair for color and feng shui, HomeFree-USA offices are designed to bring peace, calm and security to their clients. "When our homeowners and homebuyers leave us, we want them to feel better and be better. When they are successful, so are we."

"Everyone wants to do better. It is our job as leaders to show them how their financial lives can be better and why it is critical for them to act now. With the right partners - both personally and professionally - anyone can be uplifted. I am a perfect example of what an average person, with average grades, with average funds can do," Marcia says.


Read about Marcia's journey in the full article here.