HFUSA & Ocwen Team to Help Homeowners

HomeFree-USA and Ocwen Team Up to Help Struggling Homeowners In Prince George’s County and Greater DC Area - Housing Counselors Offer Financial Support and Mortgage Solutions

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Christine Gould

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RIVERDALE, MD  (February 18, 2015) -- HomeFree-USA, one of the nation’s leading HUD-approved community based financial counseling organizations, announced today it invited homeowners from Maryland, Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia to meet with housing counselors and discuss loan modification solutions to help struggling families avoid foreclosure and preserve homeownership. This event, “More Help for Homeowners” is being held on February 19, 2015, from 1:00pm – 7:00pm ET at HomeFree-USA’s offices in Riverdale, Maryland. 

The “More Help for Homeowners” event is bringing borrowers, whose loans are serviced by Ocwen Financial Corporation (Ocwen), together with experienced HomeFree-USA Counselors and Ocwen Home Retention Agents to explore ways to restructure monthly payments through loan modification programs, including modifications that involve a principal reduction.

“A recent Washington Post series put a spotlight on the ongoing foreclosure crisis right here in Prince George’s County,” said Marcia Griffin, founder and president of HomeFree-USA. “While it is a tragedy that this crisis is still impacting many communities, we want homeowners to know that real solutions are available. On a daily basis, we are working with mortgage companies, non-profit leaders, and housing advocates to help borrowers save homes, save neighborhoods, and rebuild lives.”

Ocwen services more than 180,000 loans in the greater Washington, DC area. Of those loans, Ocwen has completed nearly 10,000 modifications, of which two-thirds are homeowners in the Maryland suburbs. Nationwide, Ocwen has completed more than 500,000 loan modifications, including 290,000 HAMP modifications. HomeFree-USA and its network of housing counseling agencies across the country have counseled 103,000 homeowners to prevent foreclosure.

“In our experience, nonbank servicers have been the most flexible when it comes to helping troubled homeowners, and companies like Ocwen have been truly committed to assisting qualified borrowers stay in their homes,” added Griffin. “Ocwen cares and comes to the table and sits side-by-side with our counselors to help homeowners find sustainable solutions.”