Success Stories

The counselor’s view

HomeFree-USA had been working with Maria for 10 months when I was assigned to follow her Loss Mitigation file.

Her lender had finally approved her family for a Making Home Affordable trial payment.  But the day she was sending her 3rd cashier’s check to the lender, Maria’s daughter called her at work to say the new buyer of the home was at the door and wanted to know when the family was moving out. 

Clearly, there was a mistake here, and fortunately it wasn’t too late.

A judge needs to ratify a deed transfer, a task that can take weeks or months, and in the interim, a motion to restrain that deed can be filed with the courts.  HomeFree-USA’s in-house legal counsel stepped in to resolve this issue for their client and reverse the sale.

Maria’s family continues to stay in their home with an affordable monthly payment.