Success Stories

Lessons Learned

When asked what her greatest lesson was as a first time homebuyer, Ebony quickly answered, “Learning patience.”  And then she added, “I also learned to compromise.”

Ebony was well prepared after taking HomeFree-USA homebuyer classes and was advised of the roller coaster process of submitting offers in a fast moving real estate market.  She was warned not to fall in love with a property, but many offers and months later, she and her daughter, A’mya, still didn’t have a home.

That’s when Ebony learned to compromise.  Did she really need a garage?  Or would a long driveway with room for 2 cars be acceptable?  Could she consider an attached home instead of a detached property?  Were new appliances required?  At her homeownership advisor’s suggestion, she listed her “needs” and her “wants.”

After some serious prioritizing, a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath renovated, attached home with a large yard for A’mya came on the market, and Ebony knew she had finally found an excellent match with a comfortable monthly mortgage payment.

Welcome home ladies!  HomeFree-USA is proud to be a partner in your successful home search.