Success Stories

Miracle on a Baltimore Lane

Kim joyfully explained on the front porch of her gorgeous, new home that exactly 2 years ago she was living in a homeless shelter with her 2 children.  She added that she was also working on her master’s degree at the same time. So how could a successful, motivated and intelligent woman find herself in those circumstances?

Her hardships began immediately after she bought her very first home and suddenly lost her job.  At the same time, she also had medical challenges with the birth of her new daughter, requiring her to file bankruptcy. It was a perfect storm that all went wrong, and for 18 months the family hunkered down in the shelter, scheming their comeback.

The 2nd college degree eventually helped her land a new job. The medical problems were healed, and her savings account grew.  Very wisely, she focused on housing programs available in Baltimore and researched all available help for buying again, down payment and closing cost assistance and redevelopment neighborhoods where the prices were affordable.

This is where HomeFree-USA comes in to her story.  With Project Rebound, the HomeFree-USA redevelopment program that renovates distressed properties, she found her dream home.  And her research paid off with excellent results.  The most amazing part of her story is the total amount she needed to close on her new, perfect home was just $1,250.
Kim’s story truly is miraculous, but she insists that if she can bounce back, everyone can.  She believes what the mind can conceive, can be done.  HomeFree-USA is honored to be part of Kim’s miracle.