Success Stories

"Kimba" the White Lion

As a Washington DC native, Kim was nicknamed “Kimba” after the popular cartoon lion, and in 2000 she knew wanted to buy her first home in her DC childhood neighborhood.  Little did she know that her home would find her. 

After taking HomeFree-USA homebuyer education classes and preparing financially, her Realtor took her to another new listing. The home was across from her old elementary school, and Kim knew this was her perfect home when above the front door was a chalk scribble “Kimba.”

Years later, family financial challenges caused her to fall behind in her mortgage.  She worked with her lender to become current, but the payment was still too high for her stagnant income in a faltering economy.  Worried about losing her family home, she sought out HomeFree-USA a second time and patiently went through the paperwork details to finally receive a Making Home Affordable modification.

Kim applauds HomeFree-USA for their diligence in working with her lender, and she will have affordable payments for a few years, but she also raises valid points about future concerns.

With a struggling economy where pay raises are not the norm, when a low 2% interest rate creeps higher to 4% over a 5 year period, what will she do then?  Many homeowners who have received Making Home Affordable modifications will face the same higher payments so what options will then be available?

Of one thing Kim is certain.  HomeFree-USA will always be there for her.