Success Stories

Steps to purchase a builder's home

When someone wants to buy a brand spanking new home, who looks out for the buyers’ interests?  The builder?  The builder’s lender? This has always been a subject of debate.

Fortunately, Bill and Sarah’s friend referred them to HomeFree-USA where they attended the homebuyer education classes, met with a housing counselor and found professionals to review the builder’s documents, giving them the peace of mind they needed to purchase their dream home.

But it wasn’t an entirely smooth process. When asked what their greatest frustration was, Bill's answer involved all of the confusion at the very end of the transaction, right before settlement. Additional document requests and delays changed moving dates a few times amidst planning for a big move.

But that is all in the past, and Bill and Sarah are thrilled with their luxurious new home with the latest features. Check out their amazing kitchen.  Isn’t it absolutely fantastic?