Success Stories

Chante's 1st home

Chante did not know where to start when it came to buying her first home, but fortunately she had a college friend who guided her to a HUD approved housing counseling agency, HomeFree USA. 

Attending classes, learning about spending plans and preparing for home maintenance helped her learn how to buy a home and save for the day when she could make the leap to homeownership.

When asked what advice she had for those considering buying a home, in addition to the importance of pre-purchase education, Chante emphasized purchasing a home you can afford as there are multiple costs associated with homeownership. For example, you must think about furnishing your dream home, having a savings account for unexpected repairs, and knowing the cost of your potential utility bills.  She suggests doing all of your homework.  Be thorough!

As a last thought, Chante mentioned that home buyers need to understand how their lives will change after homeownership. Homeowners have responsibilities to protect and care for their investment.  The result of Chante’s efforts is a cozy environment that reflects her world and an investment for life!