Success Stories

A little advice goes a long way

The life-changing power of advice

For Tamara, coming to HomeFree-USA was a family affair. After hearing about how HomeFree-USA had helped her cousin maneuver through the homeownership process, she decided to give homeownership counseling a try. She was far from disappointed.

“Ever since I got out of college and started working, I knew the next thing I wanted to do was to buy a home,” Tamara says. The idea of renting made her feel like she would be throwing money away. She wanted to invest in a greater financial future.

Her parents agreed to let her live with them so she could save money faster. Once she had a sizable amount and felt comfortable that she had a steady job, she was ready to start the process.

But she had no idea where to start.

“I don’t do well under pressure and stress,” Tamara admits. So the sheer amount of information she had to gather and the information she had to learn was overwhelming. That’s where HomeFree-USA was able to make a huge difference.

A little advice goes a long way

In addition to helping Tamara to understand the homeownership process, HomeFree-USA also helped by offering practical advice. For example, once Tamara found a house she liked and the home inspection was completed, she learned that there was damaged plywood in the attic. HomeFree-USA recommended that Tamara ask the owners to make repairs before the sale. That move turned out to work to Tamara’s advantage since she didn’t have to worry about having a lengthy list of home improvements to make once she moved in.

Now that Tamara is in her new home, she feels calmer, less stressed and has a new appreciation for life. “All my life I’ve lived with people and now I live alone. I love it. It’s amazing,” she says. She even had to take some time to get used to her new level of freedom. “The first week I was living here, I was packing my lunch in the morning and I was like, ‘wow, I don’t have to label any of my food,’” She laughs.  “I live the way I want to live.”

She particularly enjoys the fact that she bought the home as a single woman. “If I get married that’s another part of my life where I’ll be living with someone so this is my moment. I’m capitalizing on it and enjoying it 100 percent.”