Success Stories

The Search is Over

Finding the ideal home is rarely easy. In fact, first-time homebuyer Shonree became so frustrated when she couldn’t find what she was looking for that she was tempted to give up the hunt entirely. “A couple times I thought, ‘I’ll just go rent,’” she admits. But her parents convinced her to keep searching for the house of her dreams.

That turned out to be winning advice, as Shonree eventually located a home that had been acquired and rehabilitated by HomeFree-USA. It was important for the home to have central air conditioning. She was also looking for upgraded appliances and a back yard for her two children to play in.

She identified a home that met all of her criteria when she was searching for homes online. “I gave it to my realtor and we went from there,” she says. The HomeFree-USA house turned out to be in her price range, and she even received help with closing costs.

From start to finish, the homebuying process took Shonree about eight months, but she’s glad she didn’t settle and searched until she found exactly what she was looking for. She’s happy that she’s building wealth through homeownership and she’s proud to have a place that she and her children can call their own.

“My parents even came and visited with me for a week,” she says. “It’s definitely home.”