Success Stories

Homeownership Guidance On Your Terms

Tamika and Dexter understood the value of financial education. They also recognized how important homeownership coaching could be in their quest to buy their first home. However, the young couple wondered if they would be able to find the time to handle homeownership classes since they were both balancing hectic work schedules. That’s where HomeFree-USA stepped in.

Tamika and Dexter had heard such good things about HomeFree-USA that they decided to give homeownership coaching a try. But they still wondered whether it would fit into their busy lives. They were pleasantly surprised to find that they could take classes online. “Being able to just go home and have a session online -- that was a plus,” Dexter says.

The couple also was impressed by the handholding they received from their homeownership advisors. “They were the ones who actually got us through our process from beginning to end,” Tamika says. “We were able to build a relationship with them that we feel like we'll have for the rest of our lives.”

Today the couple is settled in and proud of all that they have been able to accomplish. “HomeFree-USA helped make it a reality for us and showed us that homeownership wasn't as far fetched as we thought it would be,” Tamika says.