Success Stories

Turning the Dream of Homeownership a Reality

Like many couples, Anthony and Yolandra had big dreams for their future.

“Homeownership was always in the forefront of our minds,” Anthony says. “We were renting after we graduated from college, but we always had the thought of being homeowners because both of our parents were and that's what we knew.”

However, what the couple didn’t know at the time was how to turn their dream into a reality.

“The initial process of homeownership was very scary because I knew nothing about financing, I knew nothing about home inspections, or even what type of home would best fit our lifestyle,” Yolandra says.

Luckily they knew where to find some answers, and they turned to HomeFree-USA.

HomeFree-USA provided education. “We had classes on a weekly basis. They had staff who were readily available to answer questions. They provided on-site assistance, they provided referrals. If we needed it, HomeFree-USA was there,” Yolandra says. “They were always willing to jump in and help us out.”

The education paid off, as Anthony and Yolandra have had many happy years together in a home of their own.

“Our home is  our biggest asset to date,” Anthony says. “We've learned that homeownership can help you in terms of your taxes every year, it can help you be more independent, and it helps you through the building of equity. It helps better your life.”