Success Stories

You Can Afford More Than You Think

Amber wasn’t an unhappy renter, but she realized that she was missing out on a good opportunity to build wealth.


“I was living in an area that is in the process of redevelopment and I saw this as an opportunity to invest and to start building assets,” she says. “I was tired of renting and not seeing the financial benefits of owning a home.”


But there was one problem. She didn’t think she could afford to buy a house. Luckily, she reached out to HomeFree-USA and discovered that she was wrong.


Amber’s homeownership advisor, Freda, sat down with her and went over her finances. “I saw that I could do this and it wouldn’t even cause a huge change in my lifestyle,” she says.


Freda walked Amber through the homebuying process, went over all of her options and showed her how to shop around for the best mortgage deal.  Freda also explained the importance of saving up as much as she could. “There are expenditures that come up that you might not have expected so you want to make sure that you have a good savings cushion,” Amber says.


Now that she’s a homeowner, Amber feels more settled and is excited to have taken such a major step toward financial freedom.  She also has some advice for other homebuyers who come behind her:


Seek out the guidance of a homeownership advisor, she says. “Get as much information about the process as you can, so that you can be informed and educated.”