Success Stories

Don’t Let Fear Keep You From Following Your Dreams

For years, Dana put off her dream of homeownership.

“I thought my student loans had to be paid off before becoming a homeowner, and that kept me from applying for more than 10 years,” she says.

Luckily, she found out that her student loans didn’t have to hold her back, and HomeFree-USA played a critical role in helping her learn that lesson.

Dana came to HomeFree-USA because she wanted to better her life. “I wanted to invest in myself,” she says. “When you rent every year, the rent goes up, the services go down, and you're still in the same spot. Through being a homeowner, I know that when I pay my mortgage, I'm making that loan balance go down.”

To make the move from renter to homeowner, Dana looked to HomeFree-USA for guidance. She took classes and met with a homeownership advisor who laid out the path for her to achieve her dream. “HomeFree-USA has a process and steps to follow and if you just take those steps, you progress. I learned something new at each seminar,” she says.

HomeFree-USA also helped her to move past one of her other fears -- being single and having to go through the homebuying process by herself. “Before HomeFree-USA, I didn't know that there were people there to assist me; I thought I would have to do it all on my own,” she says.

All in all, Dana says the homebuying experience changed her for the better. Now she has a new sense of confidence and pride having achieved a major financial goal. “When the utility man comes here to do something and asks, ‘are you the renter?’ I say, ‘I'm the homeowner,’ and I receive instant respect.”

After overcoming her challenges, Dana has this message for other potential homebuyers who might be afraid to move forward like she used to be: “Fear is crippling; don't be afraid of anything.”