Success Stories

From spenders to homeowners

Before Sara met Chris, she found it to be a joy to shoe shop and spend her wages freely, but when dating evolved into engagement and a wedding, it became apparent that the couple wanted to get serious about finding the perfect home to build their lives together.

Owning a home was no longer something in the far distant future.

Chris’s family members were good at saving money, and Sara’s family were spenders from a Latin American cash culture, so both were raised with different attitudes about finances.  Somehow they needed to meld together the best habits of both worlds.

Fortunately, home buyer classes and financial education on such topics as credit help and debt help led them to their goal.  Creating a spending plan was the most painful of all their learning experiences, but they continued to learn, attend classes and find the wise middle ground.  Chris knew that they would eventually need to remodel a dated kitchen and planned accordingly.  Sara loved the expansive screened in patio and was looking forward to finding furniture for it.  Decisions needed to be made, priorities set, and today, over a year later, they are happily nested in their wonderful home with fantastic neighbors.