Success Stories

Danielle’s Recipe for Homebuying Success

The first time Danielle set out to buy her own house, she gave up. Read on to discover why her second attempt was a success.

When Danielle set out to buy a house nearly 10 years ago, the process frustrated her so much that she gave up.

Not only was the paperwork confusing, but the mortgage professionals she was working with weren’t helpful and no one could tell her what she wanted to know about homebuyer programs she might qualify for.

Last year, a friend told her about HomeFree-USA and she decided to try again. The second time was the charm.

“I met with the homeownership advisor and she broke a lot of things down to me that were extremely helpful,” Danielle says. “She explained everything to me from Point A to Point B.”

Not only did HomeFree-USA guide her through the process and help to make it less intimidating, but they saved Danielle some money.

HomeFree-USA provided her with the information about homebuyer programs that she was looking for so many years ago. “I ended up getting around $16,000 in assistance toward my house,” she proudly says.

The experience taught Danielle that having someone in your corner can make all the difference if you want to achieve the dream of homeownership. “If I would have gone through the HomeFree-USA process the first time, I might have had my house years ago,” she says.

Now she’s hoping to help others avoid making the same mistake she made. “Reach out to a non-profit organization that will assist you and walk you through the process,” she tells anyone who will listen.

She also is passing out HomeFree-USA’s card to her friends and co-workers who are thinking about buying a house.  Even if you think you don’t need help, you should give HomeFree-USA a call, she says.  “Whatever you think you know, there may be something that you don’t know about the homebuying process.”