Success Stories

Taming the Credit Monster to Achieve Homebuying Success

Think your credit score will keep you from being a homeowner? HomeFree-USA helped Daphine increase her credit score by nearly 250 points. Read on to see what happened next.

Tired of moving from place to place as a renter, Daphine thought homeownership might give her more control over her life and her destiny. After all, she would have a house that was her very own.

It turns out she was right. Homeownership has made her a better person, she says, but the journey to get there wasn’t without its challenges.

At first, Daphine had her doubts that she would be able to do it because  her credit score wasn’t as high as she would like. She even wondered if her score might hold her back from realizing success. Luckily she turned to HomeFree-USA to help her become mortgage-ready.

HomeFree-USA taught Daphine proven ways to improve her credit score such as paying down debt and automating bill payments so they are always paid on time. The hard work paid off and Daphine was happy to see her credit score jump nearly 250 points.  That gave her more confidence as she moved though the other aspects of the homebuying process.

“Gary Plummer, my homeownership advisor, was the best,” she says. “He worked with me and went above and beyond. I felt like he cared and if there was anything he could do he took care of it.”
Overall, “Homefree-USA motivated me to move forward and fight through any doubts that I had,” she adds.
The biggest lesson Daphine learned through the process was patience and how important it is to move forward in the direction you want to go without giving up. Homeownership has also motivated her to become an advocate for owning vs. renting. “Not only is homeownership a good investment, but there are tax benefits and you have the freedom to do as you please,” she says.

For renters who are thinking about taking her advice and following in her footsteps, Daphine says: “Put your best foot forward and don’t give up.”