Success Stories

Even if You Don’t Think You Need Help, You Need HomeFree-USA

At first Edward thought he didn’t need help with the homebuying process, but HomeFree-USA proved him wrong and saved him tens of thousands of dollars in the process.

When Edward was ready to buy a house, he believed he could handle the process on his own. After all, his credit was straight and his budget was sound so he figured he did not need any outside guidance.

Luckily, a friend convinced him he was wrong, and suggested he get in touch with HomeFree-USA. 

Edward connected with homeownership advisor Alfreda Williams, and he was not disappointed.
“Freda knew every resource known to mankind to help me,” Edward says. “She was amazing.”

In addition to guiding Edward through the homebuying process, Freda helped to connect him to a lender and other members of his homebuying team. However, what impressed him most was that HomeFree-USA helped Edward identify sources of free money he could use when making  his down payment.

“I ended up getting a total of $30,000 in free money to buy my house,” Edward says. “I only had to pay $1,200 out of my own pocket.”

Edward knows he would not have found that free money on his own. “I wouldn’t have known about those resources if I had done this by myself,” he says.

His advice for other first-time homebuyers is to educate yourself, have a realistic budget, know what you want and interview professionals who want your business to make sure they have your best interests in mind.

But most importantly, he says, understand that you can benefit from calling HomeFree-USA even if you think you have everything under control.

“I didn’t have to repair my credit. I didn’t need help with my budget. I was just a normal guy looking to buy a house and HomeFree-USA made it happen.”