Success Stories

The Plan That Turned Tiffany into a Homeowner

Armed with the desire to become a homeowner, Tiffany came to HomeFree-USA for help. Her Homeownership Advisor Debriel Elam helped her come up with her strategy for success.

Armed with the desire to become a homeowner, Tiffany logged onto the Internet to find help. As luck would have it, HomeFree-USA turned up in her search.

When Tiffany first met her Homeownership Advisor Debriel Elam, Deb broke things down for her, telling her she was well on her way to becoming a homeowner – but first she needed a plan.

“I had been ignoring my financial situation,” Tiffany explains. As a result, she had a few debts that she needed to clear up.  Deb helped her to come up with a strategy that would allow her to pay down her debts, save additional money and get her financial house in order.

In addition to working with Tiffany to come up with a plan, Deb helped her to stick to it by checking in with her regularly. “I don't think I would have followed through with it without her,” Tiffany says.

Having a Homeownership Advisor made all the difference in the world, Tiffany says. “I had access to her whenever I needed her and she went hard for me! I love Ms. Deb!”

HomeFree-USA also helped Tiffany identify other mortgage professionals who ended up becoming part of her homebuying team, such as Robert Ramsey from Bank of America who “helped me close the deal,” she says.

Tiffany took Deb’s suggestions to heart and nearly a year from Tiffany’s first visit to HomeFree-USA, she got the keys to her own house.

For those thinking of following in her footsteps, Tiffany offers the following advice:

  • Make a plan.
  • Budget for future homeowner expenses, as well as the expenses you have today.
  • Invest in homeownership education.

“If you put in the time, you'll get the good results you want,” she says. “I feel amazing.”