Success Stories

Why The Perfect Time for Homeownership is Now

Rather than wait to pursue the dream of homeownership, Kevin decided the time was now. Here’s how HomeFree-USA helped him seize the opportunity.

While some people wait for major milestones such as marriage or parenthood to buy their first house, Kevin believed there was no time like the present  “I felt like I was young and it was now or never,” he says. “It was the perfect time to move forward.”

But like many first-time homebuyers, he had some fears and more than a few questions.

For one thing, he was concerned about the possibility of making a bad investment and buying a house that needed too much work. He also was concerned that his finances weren’t where they needed to be. But HomeFree-USA helped him on both counts.

  • First, HomeFree-USA guided him through the task of sorting through the complicated paperwork. With HomeFree-USA’s guidance, he was able to feel comfortable that he wasn’t overlooking anything important.
  • Then, HomeFree-USA helped him improve his financial situation.  “They made it clear how to manage my finances and how to budget and they also gave me a clearer view of my expenses,” he says.

Not only did Kevin come away with a better understanding of how to manage his finances from day to day, but he learned more effective ways to save. As a result, he had money not just for buying a house but for expenses and emergencies after he moved in.

He also proudly came away with the keys to his own home. “Being a homeowner helped me gain a sense of security,” he says. He urges those thinking about homeownership not to wait.

“I would encourage others to become homeowners because it gives you the freedom to create the space you want.”